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Illiana Club of Traditional Jazz
2557 W. 116th St., Chicago, IL 60655
Illiana Jazz Club Media Sponsor  
 WDCB - 90.9 FM College of DuPage Public Radio
630 942-4200 

​All concerts at:THE GLENDORA HOUSE 2-5:00 pm * $18.00 in advance; * $20.00 at the door
102nd and Harlem, Chicago Ridge, IL Students with ID - free admission  
INFORMATION: To reserve tickets up to the day prior to concert, 
call Herta: 708 672-3561 or write to 2557 W. 116th St., Chicago, IL 60655
​Look below at the great Jazz Bands who played for Illiana Jazz in 2017

February 19, 2017
The Original Chicago Five
Tribute to a Century of recorded jazz Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Andy Schumm-cornet Dave Bock- trombone, 
John Otto -reeds, Josh Duffee-percussion, 
David Boeddinghaus (from New Orleans) - piano

 March 19, 2017
Prohibition Orchestra of Chicago

April 23, 2017
Jonathan Doyle Swingtet
Jonathan Doyle-tenor saxophone 
Art Davis-trumpet Steve Duncan-trombone 
Joel Paterson-guitar Jake Sanders-guitar 
Beau Sample-bass Alex Hall-drums

May 14, 2017 
Frank Gualtieri: Trombone
Leah Bezin: Banjo, vocals
Andy Schumm; Cornet Dave Bock: Tuba
Eric Schneider: Clarinet and Sax
Mike Bezin: Drums, vocals  

June 25, 2017 
Roy Rubinstein’s Chicago Hot Five
Roy Rubinstein - Trombone/ Leader
Kim Cusack- Clarinet
Roger Hintzsche - Banjo/Guitar
Ryan Chamberlain - Bass
Mike Albiniak - Drums

July 16 Ann Stewart Banjo Buddies
Ann Stewart - leader, banjo/vocals
Russ Phillips - trombone
  Dave Katz -trumpet
Ken Haebich- bass
Verne Rind - drums

August 20- Petra’s Recession Seven 
a seven piece jazz band formed by vocalist Petra van Nuis during the Great Recession of 2008. When the recession hit and venues began downsizing to smaller groups, slashing pay, and/or cutting live music altogether, things looked grim. Somehow, despite the financial situation, Petra decided to think big. She assembled the fantastic all-star line-up of internationally known Chicago veterans and the band was born at a debut performance at Chicago’s legendary Green Mill. 
              Petra van Nuis - vocals  
Kim Cusack - clarinet Art Davis - trumpet  
Russ Phillips - trombone
Andy Brown - guitar Dan DeLorenzo - bass
Bob Rummage - drums

Sept 17 John Bany Quintet 
John Bany -double bass 
 Martin Bany - drums 
Ryan Shultz - bass trumpet 
Dennis Luxion - piano
Claudia Stefanski - vocalist

Oct 22-Chicago Cellar Boys
Named after a short-lived Wingy Manone group from 1930, the Chicago Cellar Boys focuses on replicating early jazz ensembles like Jabbo Smith, Clarence Williams, Jimmy Noone, Jelly Roll Morton, and the likes thereof. The group was formed by Andy Schumm in September 2017 and performs every Sunday night at the Honky Tonk BBQ in Pilsen.
Andy Schumm- leader, cornet, reeds
Paul Asaro - piano
John Otto - reeds
John Donatowicz - guitar, banjo
Dave Bock - tuba

Nov 5-Red Rose Ragtime Band
Joan Reynolds, piano/leader 
Art Davis, trumpet
Tom Bartlett, trombone 
Kim Cusack, clarinet/alto sax,  
Jim Barrett, banjo,  
Steve Ley, tuba,  
Steve Torrico, drums,  

Dec 10- Illiana Jazz Christmas Dinner  Dance featuring the Fat Babies

​Feb 18, 2018 2-5 pm
Main Stem Orchestra 

Strictly High Grade Swing Music"
The Main Stem Orchestra is a 14-piece band on a mission to recreate the great swing music from the years 1935 through 1945. Focused on authenticity, the Main Stem Orchestra works from an extensive library of vintage arrangements encompassing the swing era’s most prolific bands and composers. With a deep respect for the music, the group utilizes period correct instrumentation and techniques to faithfully reproduce a sound that is as close to the original as possible. With a driving desire for excellence, the group features a top-notch ensemble, which draws on some of Chicago’s most-respected jazz talent

Keith Baumann, bandleader, guitar and tenor Banjo. He has performed weekly at Chicago’s Green Mill Lounge for the past 5 years. Driven by his love of vintage swing music, and vintage guitars, Keith formed the Main Stem Orchestra in 2015, recruiting some of Chicago’s top jazz talent to join him.
 Mark Sonksen, musical director, double-bass. For his work with Chicago’s Main Stem Orchestra, he plays and records on a double-bass setup with gut strings for an authentic swing-era jazz sound.
 Jeremy Kahn, piano, is one of Chicago’s busiest musicians. He spent twelve years in New York, where he was a member of Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks. Jeremy is currently a faculty member of Northwestern University and the Music Institute of Chicago. 
 Eric Schneider, clarinet and saxophone. Eric’s is a richly diverse career that blends studio work, concert performances and jazz festivals. He's in constant demand on clarinet and saxophone by small groups and big bands that need a soloist who possesses both erudition and passion. 
John Otto, clarinet and saxophone, Although John can play great jazz in many forms on clarinet and saxophone, his abilities in the hot dance category are supreme. In addition the Main Stem Orchestra, John currently performs with the Fat Babies classic jazz orchestra and is in high demand as “A” list player within the traditional jazz and swing circuit.
 Ed Enright, tenor and baritone saxophones. Ed is an editor and contributing writer for DownBeat, the world’s top jazz periodical. Swing dancers know him as a member of the Outcast Jazz Band and as a saxophone sub with the Rhythm Rockets and the Flat Cats. 
 Russ Phillips, trombonist. Russ has performed with virtually every big band in Chicago, with small Dixieland and jazz ensembles as leader or sideman in clubs like The Jazz Showcase, The Green Mill, Andy’s, Fitzgerald’s, Winter’s Jazz Club and many, many more.
Steve Duncan, trombonist, He currently plays with many local groups and in a wide variety of styles as a low brass doubler. He maintains an active teaching studio, works as a composer and arranger, and is still growing musically through meeting the many opportunities and challenges Chicago's freelancing scene presents.
 Art Davis, trumpet. He is a charter member of the Chicago Jazz Orchestra. In addition to the Main Stem Orchestra, he is also currently playing with The Red Rose Ragtime Band, Petra Van Nuis' Recession Seven, and The Fumée Gypsy Jazz Project. Versatile in different styles of jazz, Art's interest in big band swing music goes back to his earliest experiences gigging with such greats as Les Elgart, Bob Crosby and Ray McKinley.
Andy Schumm, cornetist, is a performer and arranger specializing in the jazz and popular music styles of the 1920’s and 30’s. He can be heard regularly with a variety of bands, such as the West End Jazz Band, the Red Rose Ragtime Band, Alan Gresik's Swing Shift Orchestra, and the Salty Dogs. Andy also leads his own groups. However, the most prominent outfit with which Andy is associated is the Fat Babies, an eight-piece classic jazz orchestra based in Chicago. Andy is also active on saxophone, clarinet, drums, banjo, and just about everything else you throw his way.
 Joshua Jern, trumpet, is a composer, arranger, and teacher living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Joshua Jern has performed with numerous acts and ensembles, including the Buddy Rich Big Band, , the John Burnett Orchestra, and Alan Gresik’s Swing Shift Orchestra. Joshua Jern has recorded in numerous studios throughout the Chicagoland.
Brian Collins, drums. His education grew under the instruction of Bob Rummage at Elmhurst College. He also performed with the Pete Ellman Big Band, Brass Tracks Big Band.
 Petra Van Nuis, vocalist. Regionally, Petra sings at jazz clubs, jazz societies, and festivals in the Midwest. Petra opts for a straightforward swinging delivery with an emphasis on feeling. Her approach is simple and without affectation. While steeped in tradition, she expresses her originality in the best sense of the word, by being true to herself. This sincerity is felt by audiences and musicians alike. Whenever she sings, Petra connects with people.

2018  Concerts
​March 18 2018 


The Prohibition Orchestra is serious about exposing people today to the music of the 1920s as accurately as possible -- and that includes capturing the era's brash sense of fun
One of the best places to hear the latest hit tunes of 1924 was the Chicago Theater, where the pit orchestra would play any song with a chance of entering the hit parade. On the stands in front of every player are copies of the original stock arrangements published by sheet-music companies and distributed to dance bands and orchestras around the country. The charts being played by the Prohibition Orchestra are copies of the originals used by members of the Chicago Theater pit orchestra. Roughly 26,000 of these arrangements were saved at the last moment from being tossed in the trash during the renovation of the movie palace. They're now stored at the Harold Washington Public Library.
"It's a priceless resource," said Friedlander, who grew up listening to swing music and first encountered the Washington Library archive while playing with Alan Gresik's Swing Shift Orchestra at the Green Mill in Chicago. "When the record industry was in its early days, music publishers depended on dance orchestras to introduce their songs to the public -- and the Chicago Theater orchestra was one of the most prominent. The charts they collected are a history of the first half of the 20th century's popular song." 
 Band members include Gus Friedlander, on banjo, is the founder of this ten piece hot dance band. He has played with Alan Gresik’s Swing Shift Orchestra, also leads the Whiskey Hollow Bluegrass Band and plays traditional Irish music. He plays four and five string banjos, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, fiddle and bass and teaches these instruments. charter lead trumpeter and vocalist Peter Bartels, a veteran of various Dixieland and jobbing bands, and Alan Gresik's Swing Shift Orchestra. By day he teaches music in the Chicago Public Schools. Paul Basa is a member of the “In Full Swing” big band. He has played with many R&B legends including the Temptations and Aretha Franklin. He is also a teacher and technician. Trombonist Dan "Fuzzbone" Sniderman is a veteran of the Big Swing, the Swing Shift Orchestra, The Déjà Vu Big Band, and the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band. His bold, punchy style has led to a reputation as "Chicago's Most Dangerous Trombonist"! Airan Wright is a multi-instrumentalist and a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. He plays saxophone in Mucca Pazza and the Big Shoulders Brass Band. Kurt Bjorling, tenor saxophonist tenor saxophone, plays many styles of music on many different instruments, for instance, he is the director of the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble. In addition to performing and teaching locally he often teaches at special workshops both in the USA and abroad. He also repairs and customizes musical instruments. Fernando "Fred" Garcia is a veteran of the latter-day Guy Lombardo Orchestra. Pianist David Drazin is the leader of his own group, the Ambassadors. He travels locally and nationwide, specializing in the accompaniment of silent motion pictures. Sousaphone/Tuba player Gary Schepers is well-known around Chicago and is one of the city's most in-demand live sound engineers. Kurt Bjorling (who has played before with us at the Glendora) is subbing for Juli Wood, our regular tenor player. Drummer Tim Mulvenna has a long resume includes work with jazz musicians including the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. ( Vocalist Andi Tauber born in Augsburg, Germany, has been singing popular and jazz standards for many years and teaches piano in the Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago..