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       Illiana Club of Traditional Jazz
Webmaster and monthly Newsletter Editor: Debbie Heer

2557 W. 116th St.,
 Chicago, IL 60655

Send for Concert Tickets
ICTJ,2557 W. 116th St. Chicago, IL 60655;
$18 in advance and $20 at the door
Oct. 20_____Annie and the Fur Trappers*
Nov 24______New Street Rhythm Boys Quartet
(Russ Phillips, Kim Cusack, Dan Anderson, Patrick Donley)
Total $_______      Donation $_________



All concerts at:THE GLENDORA HOUSE     
102nd and Harlem, Chicago Ridge, IL                     Students with ID - free admission                  
INFORMATION:                   To reserve tickets up to the day prior to concert, 
call Herta: 708 672-3561, email Debbie  or write to 2557 W. 116th St., Chicago, IL 60655
2019 Concert Dates
October 20 Annie and the Fur Trappers 
November 24 New Street Rhythm Boys Quartet: Russ Phillips, Kim Cusack, Dan Anderson, Patrick Donley 
December 15 CHRISTMAS PARTY  sign up at the concerts or by emailing Joe Urbancik at  MUSIC WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE JAKE SANDERS FIVE

Sunday October 20, 2019
2-5 pm

Annie and the Fur Trappers​

Annie Linders - Trumpet/vocals, Joe Sparks-trombone
Christian Frommelt-piano, Matt Sluder- percussion, 
Scott Hlavenka - guitar, Ryan Calloway - clarinet

Annie and the Fur Trappers is a St. Louis traditional jazz band which formed in 2016. The band includes trumpet, trombone, piano, and percussion. For this concert, they will be joined by Milwaukee gypsy jazz guitarist Scott Hlavenka.  
       They perform in many different arrangements from a trio to a full orchestra. Annie and the Fur Trappers is dedicated to performing and preserving the music of the 1920s and 30s today. The band plays traditional jazz, delta blues, ragtime, and swing music. Their version of "Delta Bound" was selected to be displayed at the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience in Meridian, Mississippi. Annie and the Fur Trapper's original song "You Break It, you Buy It" was selected for the St. Louis Blues Society's 17 in 17 compilation album. 
      Annie and the Fur Trappers have performed at a variety of music festivals including the Big Muddy Blues Festival, The Apple Butter Festival in Kimmswick, HONK!TX, The Cherokee Street Jazz Crawl, and The Rosebud Cafe Music Festival, Musikfest, to name a few. The band's second full length studio album was released in May of 2019. They will be releasing a vinyl copy of "Muskrat Ramble" at the end of November.   
     Recently, Linders took her trad jazz band on the road for a couple-week stint that covered a good chunk of the East Coast and the Midwest. “We called it the Great Lakes Tour,” she says. “We went to Bloomington, Illinois; Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Toronto, Rochester, Buffalo, Boston, and Lexington, Kentucky. While her road troupe has some flux, that’s not an abnormal thing for the Fur Trappers. About 12 people, Linders figures, are on the call list for gigs and it’s from that dozen that her band’s set on a gig-to-gig basis. “When someone’s not available, someone else usually is,” Linders says. “The people on the album are on most of the gigs.” 
     Together, the collective’s schooled in the 1920s and ‘30s jazz and blues that’s present on the album, with artists such as Kid Ory, Lonnie Johnson, Blind Boy Fuller, King Oliver, and Jelly Roll Morton all represented, along with the occasional original dotting albums and live playlists. 

Annie and the Fur Trappers