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All concerts at:THE GLENDORA 102nd and Harlem,Chicago Ridge, IL        2-5:00 pm Prices will vary according to the band.  Students with ID - free  INFORMATION: To reserve tickets up to the day prior to concert, call Herta: 708 672-3561, email Debbie or write to P.O. Box 1459, Oak Park, IL 60504
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September 17, 2017
2-5 pm 
John Bany Quintet
SPECIAL: A recreation of "Big Noise from Winnetka" with son Martin Bany on drums 

JOHN BANY - DOUBLE BASS   John Bany is admired by professional jazz musicians and fans for many reasons. First is his special talent as a virtuoso bassist who can swing his butt off in any musical setting. He has an impeccable ear and an inspired sense of taste. John's bass lines, when backing up the band behind the ensemble or soloists, are always just right, but it is on his solos that his remarkable musicality comes swinging through. He can solo brilliantly on any tune, in any key, at any tempo. He has remarkable strength and dexterity in his fingers and is able to play difficult triplet figures at double time, a remarkable feat. 

RYAN SHULTZ- BASS TRUMPET. Chicago based, he performs with his own group in addition to the John Bany Quartet. His lyricism and darkly beautiful tone make him one of Chicago’s most in demand players. Howard Reich describes his playing as:”lines of sustained beauty, brawny embellishments, aggressive rhythms and brilliant technique, and one of the most versatile players. Lloyd Sachs of the Chicago sun Times describes him thus: “inducing off-beat harmonies, Shultz bridges the gap between traditional and modern.  

DENNIS LUXION - PIANO. He is a jazz pianist, composer and educator currently on the faculty of Columbia College where he has been instrumental in developing the jazz piano and keyboard curricula. He has written or co-written several textbooks, most notably a book on beginning jazz piano harmony, “Seventh Heaven”. He moved to Belgium where an introduction to Chet Baker led to a lengthy musical association with recordings, television and radio appearances and tours throughout Europe.

CLAUDIA STEFANSKI - VOCALIST. Born and raised in Chicago, Claudia Stefanski has made a name for herself in jazz clubs around Chicago. Her pure reed-like tone, solid sense of swing and lyrical interpretation have pleased crowds at Andy’s Jazz Club, Chambers, Green Dolphin Street and more. She’s performed with such esteemed musicians as John Bany, Charlie Braugham, Don Stille, Eddie Johnson, John Young, Rusty Jones, Chris White, Bobby Schiff, Dennis Luxion and Ryan Shultz. Her warm yet dynamic voice graced the Elkhart Jazz Festival several times. As one reviewer said, “Claudia is out of this world and well beyond the quality of contemporary jazz singers.” 

MARTIN BANY - DRUMS received his first pair of sticks when he was 4 years old. He started playing clubs at the age of 12. He was working with Rosemary Clooney when he was 17. After studying at the American Conservatory of Music, he started drumming with even more luminaries: Richie Cole, Curt Elling, Chuck Hedges, among others.
 At an Illiana Jazz Concert, Martin played drums with his father, John Bany, on the bass when he was 10 years old. 

October 22
Main Stem Orchestra 

November 5 
Red Rose Ragtime Band

Tickets for above concerts:
$18 in advance
 $20 at the door

December 10
The Fat Babies at the Illiana Jazz Christmas Dinner Dance