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2557 W. 116th St., Chicago, IL 60655

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June 10______ Barb City Stompers
July 15______Joe Urban and his Teapot Dome Orchestra




Barb City Stompers
July 10, 2018
2-5 pm 

John Skillman - Leader, clarinet
Roy Rubinstein - Trombone
Larry Rutan - Guitar
Jeremy Beyer - Bass
Mike Albiniak - Drums
Diana Skillman - Vocals

The Barb City Stompers were formed in 2004 when its leader, John Skillman moved to DeKalb, IL. DeKalb, Illinois, located 90 miles west of Chicago, is famous for being the home of Northern Illinois University, a host of cornfields, it is also where barbed wire was invented, and that is how the unusual name was given the Stompers. The Stompers play regularly in DeKalb Illinois and the surrounding area.

Their style might be described as “Hot-Swing-Trad”. The percussion section chug around and beneath the horns keeping the beat good and syncopated. Piano-less by design, the group does just fine with the rhythm section of guitarist Larry Rutan, bassist Jeremy Beyer and drummer mike Albiniak. These fans of traditional jazz have performed together, even while its members have played with other bands and hold jobs in various professions. They have an obvious affection for Dixieland and New Orleans jazz through their charming renditions of early Jazz songs.

Leader and clarinetist John Skillman, a retired electronic engineer, also leads the "Orleans Jazz Wizards" Jazz Band in Illinois, and the "New Orleans Nighthawks" and the "Saints and Sinners" jazz band in Florida. He also plays Clarinet in Buck Creek Jazz Band, the Chicago Hot Six, and the international "CamAmGer" Jazz Band.  

Larry Rutan - Guitar, plays both banjo and rhythm guitar and besides playing with the Stompers, he is a board member and back-up guitarist for the “All Frets” banjo Jazz festival, and plays regularly in the pit band of various community theatre groups. 

Trombonist Roy Rubenstein, a retired nuclear physicist, is well known to Chicago are jazz fans as the leader of the "Chicago six 6" jazz band and leads The "Rhythm Aces" jazz band that plays regularly in southern Wisconsin.

 Jeremy Beyer, a graduate of Northern Illinois University school of jazz studies, also teaches music in the Chicago suburbs.

 Mike Albiniak, a labor-employee relations representative for a major trucking Co, and in addition to the Stompers, Mike has played with the west end jazz band, The Salty Dogs and the Chicago Hot Six Jazz Band. 

The band vocalist-Diana Skillman She has been sing jazz with the Stompers for the past 10 years, and also has considerable experience in chorale work. She also sings with the Orleans Jazz Wizards, and the Saints and Sinners Jazz band.