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       Illiana Club of Traditional Jazz
Webmaster and monthly Newsletter Editor: Debbie Heer

2557 W. 116th St., Chicago, IL 60655

Send for Concert Tickets @ $18 in advance to
ICTJ,2557 W. 116th St. Chicago, IL 60655; 

July 15______Joe Urban and his Teapot Dome Boys
Aug 19 ______Jazz Community Big Band
Sept 16______Marty Grosz and Chicago Friends
Oct 20 price TBA Saturday afternoon Mini Fest 45th Anniversary: Alan Gresik Swingshift Orchestra and the Original Salty Dogs 




JULY 15, 2018
2-5 PM

Andy Schumm - Cornet
Tom Bartlett - Trombone
Eric Grieffenhagen - Reeds
Patrick Donley - Piano
Mike Walbridge - Tuba
Johnny Donatowicz - Guitar, Banjo
Vocal stylings by Joe Urban

Andy Schumm - Cornet. As is an original member of the Fat Babies, Andy is very busy performing and arranging obscure jazz tunes for the band. Recently he formed the Chicago Cellar Boys which performs without string bass or drums for more authenticity. He plays piano, reeds, and drums along with his outstanding creative cornet playing. 

Tom Bartlett - Trombone. A longtime member of the Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band, Tom also formed his own band in the past and now performs regularly with these Chicago bands: Red Rose Ragtime Jazz Band and West End Jazz band in addition to the Yerba Buena Stompers.

Erik Grieffenhagen - Reeds. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Studies in 2000, he began playing sax and clarinet professionally in 1980 and is currently a member of Dave Greer’s Classic Jazz Stompers. He thinks nothing of driving to Chicago from his home in Ohio for a jazz gig because he so enjoys playing with these excellent Chicago musicians.

Johnny Donatowicz - Banjo/guitar. He has become a mainstay with the Fat Babies Jazz Band and the Chicago Cellar Boys. He provides a great percussive beat to the bands in addition to some very creative solos. 

Patrick Donley - Piano. One of Chicago's busiest and most promising young musicians, and another multi-instrumentalist, Patrick plays piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin and sings quite well. 

Mike Walbridge - Tuba. A longtime member of the Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band, the recognizable sound of that band owes a lot to the creativity of Mike’s playing. In recent years he has also enjoyed becoming a mentor to the younger generation of tuba players.

Joe Urban - Vocal refrains. His extensive music collection has lead to Joe’s authentic singing of old jazz tunes. A dedicated jazz fan, Joe has stepped up to become not only the president of the Illiana Jazz Club, but also the current treasurer and program director.